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What Is SecureX? An Overview of Cisco's New Security Platform

As much as digital advances make it easier to work from anywhere, improve efficiency and reach business goals, cybersecurity risks continue to grow and evolve alongside these advances. And while a number of technologies and strategies have emerged to help combat security risks, ranging from multi-factor authentication to VPNs to DNS-layer security, managing all of these different security solutions can be confusing.

Instead of managing security threats on a fragmented basis, using a combination of tools that each need to be managed in their own silos, companies need a more streamlined way to handle security.

Cisco’s new security platform, SecureX, provides this centralized oversight within one integrated platform. SecureX can connect other powerful Cisco tools, including Umbrella for endpoint security and Duo for device trust, within one unified system.

Benefits of Connected Oversight with SecureX

 As Cisco explains, trying to stack security solutions together in a way that actually protects your business can be like trying to build a brick wall without mortar. For one, the solutions might not integrate with one another, and you might have complicated workflows as a result.

Instead, SecureX acts as the mortar to connect all your Cisco security solutions and your security infrastructure. SecureX provides benefits such as:

  • Automated workflows for increased efficiency.
  • Consistent security policies across your organization.
  • Shared insights across security solutions.

By being able to oversee and manage security from a streamlined, centralized platform, your IT team not only can save time and reduce complexity, but also increase the effectiveness of your security.

According to Cisco, over 90% of SecureX customers say that using the platform enables:

  • Faster threat responses.
  • More informed security actions and remediation.
  • Increased collaboration among teams.

In some cases, companies might not even be aware of all the security protections they have in place or might not know what’s missing. So by gaining oversight within one unified system, you can even potentially save money by not adding overlapping security products. Or, if a company has several security solutions but does not realize they have security gaps, SecureX could save money by making it easier to identify and address these risks before an attack takes place and causes financial fallout.

Improve Remote Work Capabilities

Companies are increasing enabling remote work — some indefinitely, due to COVID-19, and some on a part-time basis to provide employees with more flexibility — after seeing a successful period of remote work during the pandemic. But while remote work can be productive and enjoyable for employees, it can also create new security risks and require the use of tools like Cisco Umbrella to provide off-network security.

Yet instead of just adding security tools on an ad-hoc basis to enable remote work, companies can leverage SecureX to see their whole security landscape across all their endpoints, the cloud and more. That, in turn, can make tools like Umbrella even more powerful, as IT teams can identify how the solution works alongside the rest of their security infrastructure and see where they might have some gaps.

Learn more about how companies reduce remote security risk by taking a more holistic approach, rather than just tacking on tools. Download our new guide, Reduce Remote Security Risk With a 4-Pronged Security Approach: Identity, Device, Access & Activity, today

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