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Virtualize your Desktop Infrastructure with Dell EMC XtremIO and VMware Horizon

Posted by Clearpath Solutions Group on Tue, Oct 16, 2018 @ 09:26 AM

If you’re thinking about moving to a virtual desktop infrastructure—you’re not alone.  Most people who either have moved to or are considering VDI wan, do so to improve the economics and efficiency in their desktop delivery, ease maintenance and management of their end user computing environment and improve desktop security.   VDI certainly can do all this—but despite it being a virtual solution, you also have to think about the hardware behind the scenes. 

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After all, a key objective of a successful VDI deployment is the end user experience. In many way, it’s the one objective that probably matters the most—since the experience has to match or exceed its physical counterpart.   So how can you assure that you’re getting the best experience for your end-users?  You don’t want to be the “slow-poke” when it comes to your VDI experience for them.  When it comes to delivering a high-performance, low-latency virtual desktop environment, you need to think about both the virtual and the physical infrastructure behind it.


And when you think about virtualization—your mind should immediately go to VMware.  In fact, VMware Horizon 7 is the leading platform for virtual desktops and applications.  With Horizon 7 you will be able to:

  • Transform static desktops into secure, digital workspaces that can be delivered on demand. You can provision virtual or remote desktops and applications through a single VDI and app virtualization platform.
  • Improve ROI by dynamically allocating resources with virtual storage, virtual compute and virtual networking. This simplifies management and drives down costs.  
  • Increase security and simplify compliance through consolidated control, delivery and protection of end user compute resources with policies that dynamically adapt to the end user’s computing environment.


All of this will help improve the end-user experience, but what about the “back-end” of the VDI solution.  Surely that too must impact the user experience.  And while the VDI experience is largely dependent on a user's choice of applications and their own perception of "responsiveness”, it is possible to assess a VDI solution by its ability to deliver consistent high-performance and low-latency while scaling up to thousands of desktops on a single storage array.

And when it comes to all-flash storage arrays—the best choice is Dell EMC XtremIO. Why all-flash for VDI?  Simply put, the shared storage infrastructure in a VDI solution should be robust enough to deliver consistent performance and scalability for thousands of desktops.  Using XtremIO all flash storage array ensures performance while giving you the capacity for future growth.  In fact, XtremIO brings tremendous value by providing consistent performance at scale by means of always-on inline deduplication, compression, thin provisioning and unique data protection capabilities. Seamless interoperability with VMware vSphere and Horizon also means less worries when it comes to setting up and integrating the behind the scenes infrastructure for your VDI solution.


When you’re trying to improve the user experience while achieving cost savings by implementing a VDI solution—you need to think VMware Horizon and Dell EMC XtremIO as a great combination that will get your VDI into the fast lane. 

In fact, why not engage us here at Clearpath Solutions Group around your VDI initiatives? We can help you simply and securely deliver Windows desktops, applications and online services to end users across virtual data centers, virtual machines and physical devices, while providing you with valuable insight and guidance on both your virtualization platform and the back-end hardware to drive your VDI from “slow poke” to “speed demon”.

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