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Beyond VDI: Maximizing Application and Desktop Deployment with VMware App Volumes

Ask any corporate worker or the IT employee charged with managing their technology usage and you will hear about the multitude of applications used daily. Whether at their office or on the go with their phone, new work trends require IT teams to navigate a nuanced world, affected by the rise of data breaches and hiring of remote workers.

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One area of re-emergence is the interest in virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions. Defined as virtualization solutions which host a desktop operating system on a centralized server in a data center, VDI solutions simulate operating systems from a host of devices including traditional PCs or mobile phones and tablets. VDI exists in persistent and non-persistent states, which respectively saves and discards sessions after each session, offering a differing level of personalization and protection against security breaches.

The benefits of VDI are numerous and include:

  • Helping organizations lower their desktop operating costs
  • Creating greater flexibility
  • Boosting employee productivity
  • Adherence to regulatory compliance

In Clearpath’s experience, VDI is beneficial for most organizations since technology and application refresh cycles can be prohibitively expensive, particularly with respect to software licenses.

Though VDI solves many challenges, it’s not the magic pill. Challenges remain, including user management, application provisioning, and cloud support – all of which if handled ineffectively, negate the cost savings from virtualization investments.

What steps can technology leaders take to avoid potential challenges?

Introducing VMware App Volumes

Enter VMware App Volumes, a portfolio of industry-leading application and user management solutions. Supporting VMware Horizon, Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop, and remote desktop session host (RDSH) environments, App Volumes:

  • Reduces VDI IT application delivery, capital, and operations costs up to 70%[1], enabling reliability through a modern architecture.
  • Allows for centralized management of components in a desktop or RDSH environment.
  • Provides on-demand personalized user experiences, faster application delivery, easier customization, and simplified application maintenance.


In particular, App Volumes accelerates the deployment and management of applications and desktops.

Deploying and Managing Applications to App Volumes

While traditional VDI solutions deploy applications directly from an image on the operating system (OS), App Volumes views the operation as an abstraction, virtualizing applications above the OS. Through this strategy, applications and their associated data files, settings, middleware, and microservices act as individual layered containers, known as AppStacks.


AppStacks are a critical part of App Volumes, providing system administrators additional capabilities that traditional VDI solutions lack, including:

  • Applications that look and feel natively installed, following users across sessions
  • Real-time application updating and replacement
  • Real-time user management

Deploying Full Desktops

App Volumes also deploys full desktops at scale. Similar to the deployment of applications, App Volumes supports AppStack integration with Microsoft RDSH. RDSH integration with App Volumes requires the deployment of the App Volumes Agent on the RDSH host. After the Agent is deployed, AppStack integration is handled through the machine assignment process.


On the virtual machine side, RDSH servers receive assignments of AppStacks rather than user assignments, allowing for increased scalability and additions of users. For customers running VMware Horizon or Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop, the process is similar and offers the same scalability benefits for full desktops, maximizing user potential.

Engage the Possibilities

Whether you are looking to scale up the deployment of your persistent VDI instances or desire granular control over the deployment of applications, Clearpath’s expertise makes all the difference between organization and chaos. One way to peace of mind is with App Volumes.

Speak with a Clearpath expert today and get on the right track to desktop and application deployment success.




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