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Keep Your Eyes Open: Video Surveillance Can Be More Than Just Security with Cisco Meraki

Posted by Clearpath Solutions Group on Tue, Apr 10, 2018 @ 09:21 AM

There’s a huge emphasis on cyber security—and rightly so in today’s world.  But an important part of a security stance for any organization should also be an emphasis of physical security for their business.  There are many ways to build a stronger security stance—from keycard entry systems to physical locks, and many of them are benefitting from technology advances.  One such field is the tried and true security camera.  They’ve been around for decades—but have come a long way since the closed circuit TV cameras.  Video surveillance is now more than just a security solution—advances in technology and analytics are helping cities, retail, and businesses have a more secure and effective physical environment. 

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One such camera and video surveillance system is the Meraki MV line, brought to you by Cisco Meraki, a combination of trusted names in networking and security.  This is a unique approach because it means Meraki’s wireless, switching, security, communications, enterprise mobility management (EMM), and security cameras can all be managed through a single, web-based dashboard.  That’s great news for the IT department who won’t have to figure out how to manage a completely new system and dashboard.  Let’s quickly look at some of the benefits of the Meraki approach. 

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Cisco Meraki Switches Expand Product Offerings

Posted by Clearpath Solutions Group on Wed, Jan 10, 2018 @ 01:58 PM

Cisco Meraki products are 100% cloud managed - It’s IT that simply works. The new portfolio of networking devices is feature-rich with easy-to-use cloud architecture that enables your company to solve new business problems and reduce operating costs. Cisco recently announced the expansion of the Meraki portfolio to include more options and price points to meet the needs of even more customers in this highly-specialized market. These easy to use and powerful switches provide the backbone for networks of all sizes. They combine secure, scalable, robust performance with an elegant, intuitive management experience. Below, we outline the best features of two new Meraki models.

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