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Simplify the Orchestration of Kubernetes at Scale on Public and Private Clouds with VMware Enterprise PKS

If you’re leveraging container technology and using Kubernetes to orchestrate those containers, you’ll know that building and operationalizing an enterprise-grade Kubernetes services isn’t easy. In areas such as security, networking, multi-tenancy, and persistence, container orchestrators are still maturing. Complementary tools to maintain, scale, monitor, and self-heal are also lagging.

To address these challenges, VMware has partnered with Pivotal and Google to introduce VMware Enterprise PKS, a purpose-built container solution to operationalize Kubernetes so you can run and manage containers at scale on your own infrastructure – whether it’s VMware vSphere on premises or Google Compute Platform, AWS, or Microsoft Azure.

Enterprise PKS significantly simplifies the deployment and management of Kubernetes clusters with on-demand provisioning, scaling, patching and updating clusters via a simple CLI or API – all built-in. With these hardened production-grade capabilities, Enterprise PKS takes care of your container deployments from the application layer all the way to the infrastructure layer

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What does Enterprise PKS bring to the table?

Through constant compatibility with Google Container Engine, Enterprise PKS provides access to the latest stable Kubernetes release so your developers have the latest features and tools available to them. And it integrates with VMware NSX-T for advanced container networking including micro-segmentation, ingress controller, load balancing and security.

Additionally, to isolate workloads and ensure privacy, PKS supports multitenancy for multiple lines of business within an enterprise. Different users from different lines of business can use their own Kubernetes clusters. Security features, delivered via an enterprise-grade container registry, include vulnerability scanning for quick patching, imaging signing, and auditing all of which greatly enhance the security of your workloads.

Enterprise PKS also provides full lifecycle and management operations of Kubernetes clusters. The product is easily deployed and operationalized via Pivotal Operations Manager, which allows a common operating model to deploy VMware Enterprise PKS across multiple IaaS abstractions like VMware vSphere, Google Cloud Platform, AWS EC2, and Azure.

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What does this all mean for you?

For developers, Enterprise PKS exposes Kubernetes in its native form without adding any layers of abstraction or proprietary extensions, which lets dev teams use the native Kubernetes CLI that they are most familiar with.

For IT admins, Enterprise PKS can be provisioned quickly (literally in minutes) and scale multiple Kubernetes clusters for developers to deploy their containerized apps to any app on any cloud. And whether for a patch or a feature update, PKS makes sure all the upgrades get done without interrupting your business. It also provides the much-needed production capabilities like high availability, auto scaling, health check, and self-healing to ensure maximum uptime for workloads running in your Kubernetes clusters.

As with many of VMware’s products, PKS integrates with other solutions including vRealize Operations, Wavefront by VMware, and vRealize Log Insight so you have a comprehensive solution from development through operations.  

Choose your option

PKS is also available as VMware Cloud PKS which presents Kubernetes as a VMware Cloud Service so you can deploy and orchestrate containerized applications at any time and from any location without the overhead of setting up and managing either Kubernetes or its underlying infrastructure, which are managed for you by VMware. You can use either option, or both, to further your digital transformation.

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