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Simplify Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Management with CloudHealth by VMware

Posted by Clearpath Solutions Group on Fri, Sep 27, 2019 @ 10:00 AM

A recent survey by Datamation reveals that multi-cloud computing has gained significant traction in the enterprise. Multi-cloud strategies combine the services of several cloud companies, such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, into one deployment. While 43% of organizations still rely on a single cloud provider, a growing number of organizations are diversifying – 35% of organizations use two cloud providers, 17% use three, and 6% use four or more providers.

The rise of this multi-cloud approach is driven by the need to avoid vendor lock-in and innovate rapidly using the right services for an application rather than the services of a single provider.   

The challenge of decentralized cloud management

Multi-cloud adoption is still in its early stages, and while beneficial to businesses it can create a unique set of operational problems such as cost and resource management while ensuring application security and performance across clouds. It also raises questions about on-premises assets versus cloud assets: Which workloads should you move to the cloud? What are the downstream application and infrastructure dependencies of these workloads?

It’s a recipe for a headache. In fact, multi-clouds without robust operations to support them have been compared to a race car driver without a support team.

But what if you could manage multi-cloud deployment cost, usage, performance, and configuration in one place? Now you can.

VMware changes the game

Last year, VMware acquired CloudHealth Technologies, a crucial addition to the tech giant’s portfolio. CloudHealth is a multi-cloud management platform that integrates with VMware’s existing cloud operations solutions to accelerate your business’ digital transformation through the delivery of consistent operations across clouds, including hybrid environments.

No matter how many cloud providers are in your multi-cloud ecosystem, CloudHealth simplifies how you control your entire cloud environment.


For example, you can gain control over cloud costs with interactive reporting and automation features that uncover hidden costs, monitor increases in spend, look for month-over-month anomalies, and forecast future spend based on historical data.

You’ll also benefit from unparalleled visibility into your entire cloud environment including AWS, Google Cloud, VMware vSphere, and Microsoft Azure (even Kubernetes containers), based on application, workload, environment, and more. All of this is easily accessible via a custom reports and dashboard to help you better understand resource utilization and optimize performance. You can even drill down to view how each department, team, individual, or application is spending and using resources, and easily enable cost reallocation and chargebacks when needed.

To ensure the security of your cloud environment, CloudHealth allows you to configure custom security policies that are benchmarked against cloud security and compliance standards so you can continuously monitor for vulnerabilities and risks. You can also better govern the way your clouds are run in your organization through custom governance policies.


As your organization continues to move more assets from its on-premise data center to the cloud, CloudHealth’s Migration Assessment feature simplifies the process by automatically assessing and modeling workloads for migration, then optimizing your cloud environment for cost, usage, performance, and security. For example, you can assess the cost of migrating an individual virtual machine to public clouds.

As a bonus, VMware Cloud Automation Services, VMware Secure State, and Wavefront by VMware all deliver automation and compliance, security and governance, insights and analytics to complement CloudHealth Technologies’ capabilities.

Introducing CloudHealth Hybrid – New!

Since the acquisition of CloudHealth by VMware, its customer base has grown by 29% and the solution offering has also expanded to include CloudHealth Hybrid. Available soon, the solution provides a single SaaS platform that provides visibility into cost, usage, and performance of all hybrid cloud resources. With this insight, organizations can quickly identify optimization opportunities, align cost and usage by business unit, and plan successful migrations.

Just like CloudHealth,  CloudHealth Hybrid provides cost optimization and governance for vSphere and VMware Cloud on AWS environments. It also allows you to create policies to ensure proper usage and to trigger notifications and actions. This ensures users have the flexibility they need while restricting access to prevent misconfigurations and security vulnerabilities.

The multi-cloud management platform of choice

CloudHealth Technologies’ enterprise capabilities alongside specific functionality like simplified customer management, streamlined billing, massive scale, policy and tenancy has made it the default platform for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to deliver solutions in the public cloud. Organizations that rely on CloudHealth capabilities and expertise include customers and managed services providers like Yelp, Dow Jones, Zendesk, Skyscanner and SHI.     


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