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Remote Working Environments and Clearpath's Vendor Partner Support

Posted by Clearpath Solutions Group on Mon, Mar 30, 2020 @ 02:30 PM

Remote employee initiatives just skipped the line to be the most important item on many organizations’ IT to-do lists. In an effort to make sure you are aware of what our partners VMware, Cisco and Dell EMC are doing to help support remote employees, we put together a list of vendor initiatives as well as other important information to help you through the challenging times.


VMware is offering the flexibility organizations need during these challenging times to provision virtual desktops and secure applications by relaxing licensing restrictions and allowing temporary burst capacity for Horizon and Workspace ONE end users.  Don’t worry, if you are new to VMware, they have a variety of trials up and running allowing you to provision desktops on the VMware cloud, allowing remote workers access:

  • Temporary burst capacity for VMware Horizon on-premises customers
  • Relaxation of licensing provisioning terms (license entitlements for a customer prior to receiving PO)
  • Monthly on-premises subscription term SKUs for Horizon 7
  • Horizon and Workspace ONE trials 100 users/devices (on-premises and cloud/DaaS)
  • Reduced costs for VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware Blogs

  1. Business Continuity through Unexpected Events: Is your Organization Prepared?
  2. Differences Between Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery: How VMware Horizon Can Help with Both
  3. Workspace ONE Powers Critical Communications During Unexpected Event
  4. EUC Product Page
  5. VMware vSphere 7 - Technical Information and Innovations; Explore in detail the innovations in the most significant release of VMware vSphere in over a decade

VMware Webinars hosted by Clearpath –led by our CTO and vExpert Felix Vargas

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Cisco has relaxed licensing requirements for WebEx users and has several free trials available for organizations.  Creative packages are available for healthcare and first responders.  

Cisco is also enabling organization to enhance their security posture, while dealing with the growing demands for a remote workforce. Cisco end users can relax licensing restrictions for Umbrella, Duo and AnyConnect.  Don’t worry, if you are new to Cisco, they have a variety of trials up and running allowing new user’s access to extended trials:

Temporary burst capacity licensing for Umbrella (Secure Internet Gateway) , Duo (Multi Factor Authentication) and AnyConnect (Remote Access)

  • Umbrella, Duo and AnyConnect trial flexibility
  • WebEx bursting and trial flexibility

Cisco ASAs

  • Full scale out support on any ASA’s until July 1st for free as a trial
  • VPN load balancing
  • All temp licensing is full APEX license, Plus is not offered via free 13 week trial
  • Special pricing on ASAv offerings to quick rollout, 75% off for ASAv30

 Cisco Blogs

  1. Business Continuity
  2. WebEx IT Admin Resources
  3. Working Remote with Webex (users, management, planning)
  4. Virtual Learning
  5. Cisco donates $225M to help support efforts

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Dell EMC Blogs

  1. Our Commitment in Unprecedented Times
  2. Navigating Through COVID-19

Contact Clearpath's Dell EMC Professional Services Team

Many networking and collaboration manufacturers are relaxing their concurrent user licensing or extending trials.  We are here to help you navigate these options, understand “what’s the catch” and determine what is most efficient and appropriate for your needs. Clearpath has a veteran squad of networking and virtualization engineers that are able to help with a variety of managed services to help through these challenging times.  Please reach out to your Account Manager or for help.


Team Clearpath

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