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How to Maintain Secure Remote Network Access With Dispersed Teams

As more companies leverage remote work, it’s important to not to become lax about security. Instead, businesses need to find ways to maintain secure remote network access no matter where their team members are located.

While a VPN can be part of a secure remote network access strategy, this solution on its own may not be enough to protect your organization. Due to the growing number of devices and applications that employees use, a VPN might not always be the most practical way to provide protection. For example, if an employee logs into a cloud application or to their work email from their mobile phone, without using a VPN, then your organization might not be as protected as you’d like.

However, by using solutions such as Cisco Umbrella, which works across both on- and off-network devices, you can better maintain secure remote network access. Cisco Umbrella works by providing:

  • DNS and IP level protections: Rather than only blocking threats via a network firewall, you can maintain secure remote network access via protections at the DNS and IP levels. That way, if a team member visits a malicious website while on an off-network device, Umbrella can still block the threat before the attack takes hold.

  • Visibility across your network: Umbrella’s cloud-based security coverage helps you gain visibility across your network and endpoints so you can more easily identify issues. For example, Umbrella includes a secure web gateway that logs web traffic and inspects activity to help you quickly respond to threats. Plus, you can gain visibility into areas such as the cloud apps that are in use within your organization.

  • Automated threat intelligence: Not only does Umbrella help you gain visibility across your network, but the solution can also help automatically block threats using artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML). Umbrella leverages predictive intelligence, backed by the findings of threat research and intelligence group Cisco Talos, to assess the risk of different types of threats and automatically identify certain attacks.

  • Integrations with other security solutions: If you have other security solutions, you don’t necessarily need to start from scratch with Umbrella. Instead, the solution has APIs to connect with a variety of other security solutions, and you can create up to 10 custom integrations if you have custom in-house protections already in place. That way you can level up your security without having to undo the progress you’ve already made.

Ready to Achieve More Secure Remote Network Access?

 Having dispersed teams should not compromise your security, yet you don’t want to implement overly restrictive technologies or policies that make work more difficult. Fortunately, Umbrella unobtrusively enables remote employees to continue working productively while providing strong security protections in the background.

Working with a partner like Clearpath Solutions Group can help you implement and manage Umbrella, along with other security protections and strategies, so that you can maintain secure remote network access long-term. To learn more about how you can protect your organization as employees work remotely, download our new guide.

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