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Powering Up: Getting the Most out of Hyper-Convergence with Cisco and Zerto

There’s little doubt that CIOs are interested in hyper-convergence.  In fact, according to IDC, hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) solutions are the fastest growing segment in storage solutions today.1  The promise of hyper-convergence is simplifying the operation and management of on-premises infrastructure through custom-built appliances that combine compute, network, and storage functions - all united through virtualization. 

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The concept has been a glimmer in many a CIO eye for awhile now—but the application of HCI was often limited to specific use cases such as virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) initiatives.  However, the latest generation of hyper-converged solutions like Cisco ‘s Hyperflex has really expanded to be a scalable platform for databases, commercial applications, collaboration, file and print services, and more.1  That’s got enterprises of all sizes wanting to adopt HCI.

The real promise of a future-forward data center also needs to incorporate cloud, and many HCI vendors are partnering with both cloud-providers and software providers to build a total end-to-end software-defined data center that extends from the physical data center and out to the cloud.  One such vendor that’s providing valuable multi-cloud integration with HCI solutions is Zerto. 

In a nutshell—the combination of both on-premises HCI solutions like Cisco’s Hyperflex and Zerto’s as-a-Service solutions delivers a truly resilient, future-forward data center.  Zerto provides multi-cloud integration and services like Disaster Recovery that means your HCI solution can incorporate the cloud for true flexibility and agility that extends outside your own data center.  Because Cisco’s Hyperflex platform combines the speed and agility of both multi-vendor virtualization solutions (Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vCenter) with next generation flash storage and built-in networking, it is an ideal on-premises HCI solution that can easily scale out and up to on-premises and to the cloud.


Figure 1:  Cisco’s Hyperflex solution allows for easy scale-out and scale-up that can be extended to the multiple clouds.

However, just being an ideal platform for an agile, multi-cloud strategy doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve got everything you need for total data center coverage.

Even on-premises HCI solutions like Cisco’s Hyperflex that can scale to the cloud need adequate back-up and disaster recovery solutions—and adopting an as-a-service approach makes sense for hyper-converged solutions.  Zerto’s  Virtual Replication 6.0 allows you to move your entire HCI on-premises solution’s back-up, continuity, and disaster recovery to the cloud of your choice—or even across multiple clouds for ultimate flexibility.  Data protection, disaster recovery, and workload portability to, from, and between clouds is taken care of by Zerto’s software, assuring true IT resilience for your Cisco Hyperflex solution.


Figure 2:  Zerto Virtual Replication 6.0 can move workloads to, from, and between clouds of your choice—

extending your on-premises Cisco Hyperflex solution to the cloud for remote disaster recovery and data protection.

All in all—combining these two excellent solutions means you’ve built a data center that’s ultimately resilient and immensely flexible, and delivers on both the promises of the hybrid cloud and hyper-converged infrastructure.

Why not engage with Clearpath and see how the combination of Cisco Hyperflex and Zerto Virtual Replication 6.0 can power up your own data center to new levels of performance, scalability, and flexibility?  We can help!


  • Hyperconvergence Gathers Speed in 2018, Network World, November 2017


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