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Optimize your edge connectivity with Cisco Viptela: Is your WAN purpose-built for the cloud and the Internet of Things?

Posted by Clearpath Solutions Group on Thu, Jun 14, 2018 @ 08:54 AM

It’s getting harder to define the boundaries of your enterprise nowadays.  It used to be as simple as “inside and outside” the network and the firewall—but the distributed nature of today’s IT is rapidly changing the edge of your network. Your wide area network (WAN) needs to be able to easily expand and adapt to encompass not only branch offices—but also the resources and applications that are moving to the cloud.  Can your network easily handle that?  The sad answer is most can’t – because many networks have remained tied to the physical metaphor of perimeters, walls, and equipment.  You need to be thinking about the edges and expansion of your WAN—not necessarily the physicality of it.

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Don’t misunderstand, there’s no denying the physicality of the network.  After all, it’s put together with cables, wireless routers, and other networking equipment inside your buildings.  The fact is, the demand for increased bandwidth, optimized connectivity for the cloud, and improved security postures to tackle next generation threats can be difficult to meet with traditional WAN architectures.  Add to this, the increasing use of cloud-based applications and the emergence of the Internet of Things, and your WAN may be inadequate for the future. Even now, existing wide area networks across businesses and organizations of all sizes and across all industries are struggling to cope.

And we haven’t even addressed the complexity of the issues involved.  The disparate and complex nature of WAN infrastructure makes it hard to gain comprehensive visibility to applications and infrastructure.  All of which impairs resolution times when things go awry and also leads to ineffective resource forecasting and planning.  Surely there’s a better way to tackle the WAN?

Luckily, there is!  And it’s based on software. The next revolution (or evolution) of the network will be using software to define it—even a network that extends beyond the physical infrastructure located on premise.  In fact, Gartner estimates that “by 2020, more than 50 percent of WAN edge infrastructure refresh initiatives will be based on SD-WAN versus traditional routers.”¹

Are you ready to take place in that network evolution?  Because there are some distinct benefits you could be getting today—while positioning your network to be ready for tomorrow. And choosing a recognized industry leader in networking technologies like Cisco can help you realize those benefits.  In fact, last summer Cisco acquired Viptela, which had built a compelling SD-WAN solution with advanced routing, segmentation and security capabilities for interconnecting complex enterprise networks. Its cloud-based network management, orchestration and overlay technologies made it easy to deploy and manage SD-WAN.

viptela_sd_wanCisco has now combined Viptela's cloud-first network management, orchestration and overlay technologies with its industry-leading enterprise routing platforms and solutions.  This new, combined Cisco SD-WAN solution could be providing you with:

  • 10 times the bandwidth for half the cost
  • Real-time traffic steering around upstream network issues
  • Seamless network extension to AWS and Azure
  • Optimized SaaS performance for cloud applications like Office 365,, and more
  • Easily defined segmentation for more secure partner, cloud, and guest wireless networks

The architecture of a Cisco SD-WAN looks simple in concept— because the idea itself is easy to grasp: it’s a software-defined wide area network that’s managed from the cloud.  However, it may not be something you want to just start building and implementing yourself. 


Why not explore the possibilities and cost-savings that a Cisco SD-WAN solution could bring to your business or organization?  Our trusted advisors can help you design and implement a SD-WAN solution that will have your enterprise WAN ready for the cloud today and the Internet of Things tomorrow . . . with significant network savings and increased security!


  1. Forecast: SD-WAN and Its Impact on Traditional Router and MPLS Services Revenue, Worldwide; Joe Skorupa | Andrew Lerner | Christian Canales; November 7, 2016

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