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Cisco Meraki MG – Cloud Managed Cellular Network Connectivity

Cisco_Meraki-1Cisco Meraki recently released a new product called the Meraki MG Cellular Gateway which Cisco SVP Todd Nightingale believes will be the fastest-launching Meraki product of all time ( We at Clearpath think that Meraki's newest product line definitely solves a problem with remote network connectivity that a lot of our clients have. With that being said I’ll now cover the following: what does it do, what is its significance, and should your organization be considering it?

What is it?

It's a cellular gateway - a device that connects and transforms cellular technology, such as 3G/4G/LTE, into a wired ethernet network connection that organizations can provision and manage via the Meraki dashboard.



The MG is IP67 rated, meaning it can be placed in an optimal indoor or outdoor position to receive maximum signal strength. It can connect downstream (via an ethernet cable) to the Meraki MX, or any other router on the market, to provide cellular termination.

Why is it relevant?

Not all sites have access to circuits via a service provider. However, most of the US has 4G coverage, including remote areas which will likely never have a fiber line run to. This allows organizations leverage something which is readily available and use it to drive business.

Additionally, sometimes locations aren’t stationary. For example, a Halloween pop-up store may only be open for one month of the year. Setting up a circuit for such a short time period would be impossible, regardless of carrier. Leveraging the Meraki MG provides a cost-effective option, and a tremendous amount of flexibility.

What are some use cases?

Redundancy - Organizations that may need a second (or third) low cost connectivity option for high availability.

Lack of Connectivity - Many sites do not have the option for circuit connectivity. For instance: construction sites, field offices, and new buildings (where fiber hasn't been run yet).

Speed of Deployment - Running new circuit lines can often take months from execution to completion. Since cellular connectivity is already available, there is no wait.

Mobile Locations – Fleet vehicles, school buses, pop up stores, and other locations which need connectivity but may not stay in one location can ensure connectivity.

Cisco Meraki products are well known for it’s easy of installation and simplified cloud management systems. Clearpath’s Cisco specialists can help guide you through whether the Meraki MG Cellular Gateway is the right solution for your organization. Request more information or a call here:

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