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5 Ways Cisco’s Identity Services Engine Protects Your Network From Cyberattacks

Posted by Clearpath Solutions Group on Tue, Nov 07, 2017 @ 09:55 AM

Mobility and the Internet of Things (IoT) are radically changing the way we live and work. Employees are demanding access to their work resources through outside networks, from anywhere, at any time, with any device.

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The Challenge of Security Across Multiple Access Points

As the number of network access points expands, protecting your proprietary data from security breaches becomes even more complex, especially if you have disparate security solutions. How do you prevent an unauthorized computer from accessing your network? Or stop a malware-infested employee’s computer from infecting your entire network?

A new approach is needed to stay ahead of the curve – and it’s called the Cisco® Identity Services Engine (ISE). With Cisco ISE, implement 802.1X and enjoy industry-leading network access control in your IT environment.


The Five Benefits of ISE

1. Centralized, Unified and Highly-Secured Access Control

With ISE, you’ll be able to consistently control all access points throughout your network from one centralized place. With highly-secure business and context-based access that’s based on your business policies, you’ll be able to match access to business roles in order to control who, what and when your data is shared. 

2. Greater Visibility and More Accurate Device Identification

ISE allows you to see and share rich user and device details by storing detailed attribute history at all endpoints that are connected to your network. That means you’ll have deep visibility into all users, devices and applications that access your network.

3. Stop and Contain Threats to Reduce Exposure and Risk

ISE can match endpoints with attributes like user, time, location, threat, vulnerability or access type to create an all-encompassing contextual identity. This allows IT administrators to apply precise controls over which endpoints are allowed on the network. Need to segment access or contain infected endpoints for remediation, observation or removal? No problem ISE can do this too, accelerating the time it takes to contain network threats.


4. Extensive Policy Enforcement

ISE can meet your ever-changing business requirements by consistently distributing enforcement and security across the entire network infrastructure. IT administrators can centrally define a policy to differentiate guests from registered users and devices. Regardless of location, users and endpoints are allowed access based on role and policy.

5. Robust Guest Experiences

Whether employees or guests access your network from coffee shops, airports, hotels or a home office, ISE can provide multiple levels of access to your network for added protection. IT administrators can create fully customizable, branded mobile and desktop guest portals in minutes, while dynamic visual tools provide a real-time view of the portal screen, so you can view the experience a user would have while connected.

Security threats have become more sophisticated and complex, and bring your own device (BYOD) needs are driving the need for expanded network access. This means your network iscisco_ise_identity_services_engine.jpg more vulnerable to attacks and security breaches than ever before. With ISE, you’ll be able monitor network access to spot, stop and contain threats faster through a centralized approach. And a network that enhances the mobile experience through secure and consistent access increases your businesses’ productivity today and tomorrow.

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