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Getting to the Cloud:  A Safer Approach with Cisco Cloudlock

Many organizations have moved to the cloud in some fashion—yet security still remains a concern.  When asked about top security concerns with the cloud— data loss protection, data privacy threats, and confidentiality breaches are the top concerns.1 Yet, surprisingly, many CIOs don’t have solid plans on how to handle these concerns.  They rely on the cloud service providers themselves to guarantee their protection.  While major providers take great measures to protect themselves and you from breaches and data loss—the wise CIO should also take measures on their own end to guarantee the security of their cloud strategy.  Yet, surprisingly, only 27% of organizations plan to implement software to do this.1  With the potential risks the cloud may represent—and with more and more organizations adopting as-a-service solutions, you’d expect that to be higher.  Perhaps many don’t know there are perfect solutions available from recognized vendors like Cisco that can help guarantee their security.

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Cisco Cloudlock is a cloud access security broker solution that’s perfect for organizations using multiple cloud-based applications and moving their data to the cloud.  This solution tackles some of the most pressing cloud security concerns for CIOs such as user security, data loss prevention, and cloud app security. 

User Security

According to Gartner, most SaaS vendors lack a mechanism to detect account hijacking—often accomplished through phishing.2 This means the responsibility to protect privacy and confidentiality falls on the organizations using SaaS solutions.  One good way to detect potential cloud account hijacking is to look at the typical behaviors users engage in. With User and Entity Behavior Analytics, Cisco Cloudlock detects suspicious activity across SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and IDaaS platforms. By establishing a behavioral baseline for each individual user and continuously monitoring user activity, Cisco Cloudlock detects potential anomalies that suggest malicious behavior. Thresholds can be established in centralized policies and alerts can be sent to security operations in real time.


Data Security

Cisco Cloudlock protects organizations against data breaches in any cloud environment and application through a highly-configurable data loss prevention engine. Featuring countless out-of-the-box policies and a wide range of automated, policy-driven response actions such as encryption, quarantine, and end-user notifications, Cisco Cloudlock provides unparalleled coverage of cloud traffic. This includes on- and off-network, programmatic, and user-driven communications by managed and unmanaged users and devices, retroactively and in real-time.  In fact, nearly 78% of CIOs that purchase Cisco Cloudlock do so to protect sensitive organizational data according to Techvalidate.3


App Security

There is no question that employees are using consumer and mobile web apps to get their work done. But in fact, traditional security solutions don’t work well for cloud platforms; organizations struggle to get adequate visibility into cloud applications and their usage, including what data is being accessed and how it is shared. This leaves them vulnerable to both user error (such as accidentally sharing a file with external contacts) and increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks.4 However, companies can use the Apps Firewall in Cisco Cloudlock to balance the productivity gains from these apps with keeping corporate data safe. Companies that mistakenly believe their employees are not already using the cloud, can either keep their heads in the sand and ignore the fact that employees will use unsanctioned apps to do business related tasks, or they can use Cisco Cloudlock to embrace employee choice while maintaining control over how apps can access sensitive information. 

cloudlock-security-assessment (1).png

With all the potential security risks associated with your move to the cloud—you need to make sure you’re adequately covered.  Luckily, Clearpath can help you chart a confident course through the cloud security landscape.  Together, Clearpath and Cisco can assure your operating a cloud access security solution that will keep your organization safe!



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