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DR in the SDDC, Part 2: Hotlink Disaster Recovery Express

Posted by Sean Senior on Thu, Jul 24, 2014 @ 11:06 AM

Last time, in Part 1 of this series, we kicked off our list of software defined datacenter (SDDC) disaster recovery solutions with Veeam. Next on our list is HotLink DR Express which provides backup and replication plus the cool added benefit of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (DR/BC) utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

HotLink DR Express works by extending VMware vCenter administration and management to include comprehensive data protection in Amazon Web Services. Hotlink will backup and replicate VMware virtual machines and differentials to Amazon’s object storage offering Simple Storage Service (S3). But, the down and dirty of why Hotlink makes our list is due to its very cool ability to restore VMware workloads into Amazon EC2 when an outage occurs within your production environment. This is all administered and managed through VMware vCenter, so EC2 instances are treated just like VMs keeping the user experience familiar and intuitive for your IT team.

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If you’re somewhat familiar with AWS, you probably know that AWS runs a highly customized version of Xen for its hypervisor. Frankly, converting VMware VMs to functional EC2 instances is a cumbersome task to undertake. So, what makes Hotlink failover to EC2 tic? Do I have to convert VMs myself? Nope! Hotlink handles all of the VMware to EC2 conversion dirty work for you with its patented Transformation Engine™. Leveraging the tight integration with VMware vCenter Server, HotLink utilizes features like snapshots, virtual disk cloning, and change block tracking for your DR/BC site in AWS. You select what VMs, templates or services are protected and what frequency updates should occur….all from the familiar vCenter console….with no other processes or specialized tools required.

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But wait, what about the complexities of hybrid networking? How am I going to manage that? You are in luck, HotLink DR Express provides hybrid software-defined networking (SDN). This allows on- and off-premise networking to be seamlessly managed using VMware vCenter as the integration hub. Hotlink automatically discovers and transforms your on-premise network configurations to AWS removing the complexity and labor-intensive nature of managing hybrid DR networking. Ultimately, this allows you to maintain networking consistency across application tiers during a recovery. So, your workloads can be accurately and automatically restored within EC2 in minutes following an on-premise failure allowing you to minimize the operational disruption.

Ultimately, data protection is about recovering from inevitable infrastructure failures and keeping operations running, whatever the cause. With HotLink DR Express, your organization can create a plan to protect your critical VMware workloads at a low cost and manage it from your VMware vCenter infrastructure already installed. Clearpath’s partnership with Hotlink positions us to deliver the next generation of data protection solutions for organization large and small. Give us a call at 1-866-892-3154 to learn even more.

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