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Rehashing vCenter Server Appliance Certificates

Posted by Rob Daniels on Tue, Jun 10, 2014 @ 01:21 PM

After months of running the vSphere 5.1 appliance in my lab, I decided to install the 5.5 appliance to see just how far this little gem has come.  So, I downloaded and deployed the OVA, and moved onto initial configuration.  After the initial configuration was completed, I decided to tweak some values in the interface.  First and foremost - the DHCP configuration had to go.  Followed by setting the host FQDN, which was strangely omitted from the initial configuration.  This made running AD authentication a little difficult since AD integration requires that the appliance have an FQDN before it will accept the configuration.

After getting everything straight, I decided to grease the wheels a little with the built-in Web Client, but I was greeted by this little error:

rehashing vcenter server appliance certificates web client resized 600

So, like any well-versed systems admin, I rebooted!  To no avail, it seems (note the thumbprint mismatch in the boot sequence):

rehashing vcenter server appliance certificates appliance on esxi resized 600

As it turns out, there’s a quick fix to this that VMware has hidden in the Admin tab of the appliance administration page (https on port 5480 of the appliance by default).  Simply toggle the “Certificate regeneration enabled” value to “Yes”, hit Submit, and give the appliance a proper reboot from the System tab.

rehashing vcenter server appliance certificates vmware vcenter appliance admin settings resized 600 

Once the system comes back up, the certificates will be rehashed and configured for the FQDN previously configured.  Now back to greasing those wheels!

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