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Veeam v7's New Features Explored at VMworld

Yesterday on day 2 of VMworld, I attended a deep dive session on Veeam Backup and Replication 7. With this announcement Veeam has included 2 major innovations, 7 new features, and 75 general enhancements.  Veeam was already a top choice in my opinion for backing up your virtual environments. They are completely agentless, entirely virtualization focused, and they provide 26 restore options from a single backup. 

The two major innovations they added are built-in WAN Acceleration, and the ability to backup from a storage snapshot.  The built-in WAN acceleration will help customers better protect their data by reducing bandwidth requirements to get a copy of their backup off-site and doing so up to 50x faster. The ability to backup your VMs from a storage based snapshot is currently only supported on HP storage systems but compatibility with other vendors is in the works. With this functionality you will be able to backup your VMs more frequently, and in a restore scenario, you have the ability to recover individual VMs, guest files, Exchange items and SharePoint items from a storage based snapshot.

In addition to those major innovations they have also added 7 new features, two of which caught my attention. The first one may not seem like a big deal at first, but they have added native tape support for LTO3 and above and VTL’s. This will open the door for many customers that had over-looked Veeam in the past due to having the requirement of putting data on tape for off-site/long-term retention. Prior to this simple feature being added, your only options were to back-up to disk and or replicate, which unfortunately wasn’t always an option. The other feature I found very interesting is the ability to provide backup and recoverability for vCloud Director. With this feature you can backup all of your vApps and meta-data for vCloud Director 5.1 or above, and you can restore the entire vApp or individual VMs.  You can also backup from one VPC ( Virtual Private Cloud ) and restore to another - all within the existing management console.

There are certainly many more features and enhancements to v7 so be sure to check out the website for more information. These were just a few highlights I found impressive. If you are still doing agent based “traditional” backups of your virtual environment, I strongly suggest you look into Veeam. It is an enormously powerful tool that can provide you with incredible flexibility for protecting your virtual environment, and it is exceptionally easy to use.


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