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Clearpath Announces New Managed Service DXconnect

Posted by Nate Reynolds on Wed, Aug 07, 2013 @ 01:48 PM
Today I am pleased to announce the availability of Clearpath DXconnect.  DXconnect is a managed networking service, which can connect your datacenter or MPLS network to Amazon Web Services VPC.  Like the AWS direct connect service, DXconnect allows your company to connect directly to Amazon Web services without traversing a VPN or standard Internet connection.The benefits of DXconnect include: 
  • Access to AWS VPC without traversal of the internet or VPNs
    • You can store data in S3 & Glacier without making it publicly available/accessible
    • Elimination of the setup process, lead time, hardware footprint and collocation fees in a commercial datacenter
    • Connectivity to AWS for your MPLS network – optimizing network and transfer costs
DXconnect allows you to use Amazon direct connect over an MPLS or point-to-point connection to access either EC2 or VPC.  DXconnect provides a managed firewall service to insulate your network from AWS.  Firewall services are delivered and monitored on a 24 x 7 basis.  DXconnect enables our clients to transmit and store data more efficiently.  DXconnect also minimizes hardware footprint and upfront capital cost.Clearpath has incorporated technology from our partners Cisco and Riverbed as part of this offering.  For example, you can also use Cisco’s new  Cloud Services Router 1000V (CSR) to federate your internal network by way of flex connect and use Cisco’s OTV technology as part of your hybrid cloud strategy.DXconnect is available in 1-10 Gbps variants and can connect to just about any commercial network provider (Verizon, CenturyLink, Windstream, etc.) and MPLS network. DXconnect is managed by Clearpath  and delivered out of datacenters on both the East and West coasts directly adjacent to AWS US regions.
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Interested in learning more about Clearpath DXconnect and Amazon Web Services? Feel free to reach out to us - We're happy to help!

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