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EMC Announces Software Defined Storage

Posted by Dave Cedrone on Thu, May 09, 2013 @ 10:42 AM

Yesterday I sat through what I think was the best session I have attended at EMC World so far. The session was focused on ViPR. You may have heard previous mention of this technology by its code name “Project Bourne”. I had heard a lot of buzz about it so I was certainly curious to find out what it was all about. Here is my short summary, but believe me there is a lot more to it so I suggeest checking out EMC’s website for more information.

Essentially EMC is building a single pane of glass to manage your entire data center like a pool of resources, some might even say like a cloud. EMC’s ViPR is going to provide you with automated storage management, self service portals, metering, and improved troubleshooting capabilities across the entire data-center. Those are some big claims, but from what I saw in the demos it is actually going to deliver on these promises.

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The automated storage management alone is impressive, with the ability to provision block, file, and object storage in one place. For block storage, everything from creating a LUN and adding it to a Storage Group, through zoning it to the host and creating the VM, ViPR will do that all with a few simple clicks in one interface. There are equally impressive capabilities on the object storage side of things as well with integration into EMC storage as well as some cloud providers. Most impressively you will be able to present data via NAS protocols that was loaded to storage as object with the flip of a switch. No more copying from one place to another to change protocols.  As for improved trouble shooting, you will be able to see your entire data path from end to end in one product. With the ability to pull the performance data you choose from Storage, Network, Host, and VM into a single view, export it to a pdf and send it to whoever needs it. This functionality alone will go a long way to reduce the headaches and finger pointing associated with performance problems, especially in virtualized environments. Last but certainly not least, it isn’t just for EMC products, you will be able to manage storage from EMC’s competitors as well. All in all, an impressive solution with significant implications to resource management, monitoring, and provisioning in the data-center. 

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