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The Latest Software Update for Data Domain

Posted by Ted Evans on Tue, May 07, 2013 @ 11:51 AM

EMC has announced the latest software update to its Data Domain platform – DDOS 5.3.   It seems like there is something for everyone in this upgrade, so make sure to review the new functionality to see if there is something there for your environment.  I’ve listed out some of the highlights below.

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  • Code enhancements and performance optimizations to allow archive data to be stored on all DD systems.  This effectively consolidates backup and archive functions into a single appliance.  (Note:  this is different from the DD Extended Retention software option only available on the higher end models).  Archiving can now be deployed on all models without the need for any additional licensing.
    • Improvements in stream management and cleaning cycles to support both backup and archive workloads
    • Supports standard range of archive types: Journal, E-mail, File, DB, Content Mgmt and support for more than 16 leading applications (note that image file archives are not a good fit due to low dedup rates).
    • Adheres to SEC 17a-4(f) for US compliance regulations.
    • Data Encryption at Rest capability AFTER deduplication
    • MTree replication for ‘DD Retention Lock Compliance
  • DD Boost for Greenplum DR now supports managed file replication and allows Greenplum admins greater control of backup and replication using their native backup utility.
  • DD Boost for Fiber Channel – new functionality to combine the benefits of Boost with the performance of FC connectivity.  Available only for NetBackup environments initially, this has great potential for those that don’t want the complexity of managing VTL just to get the enhanced throughput.
  • NetBackup Auto Image Replication (AIR) support - provides faster DR readiness and significantly improves RTO’s across two different NetBackup domains.  With AIR, the backup catalog is replicated along with the backup data and is automatically imported at the remote site, eliminating the need to manually import the catalog.
  • DD Boost support for NetVault Backup 9.0
  • Optimized Synthetic Fulls for NetBackup
  • Oracle RMAN Multiplexing support – enhanced throughput while maintaining dedupe rates of single stream.
  • Enhanced VTL emulation  including LTO-4 and Scalar i2000 library
  • Enhanced IBM i System Recovery - allows a customer to recover a full system image directly from the Data Domain system without requiring the use of external media.

Look for DDOS 5.3 to be generally available in the second half of 2013.


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