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EMC Announces the RecoverPoint Virtual Appliance

Posted by Dave Cedrone on Thu, May 02, 2013 @ 03:00 PM

RecoverPoint was already one of EMC’s most advanced replication technologies and now it is available as a virtual appliance. Before we get into the details of the virtual edition lets first review the basic capabilities of this impressive technology. RecoverPoint already provided companies with several advanced features that traditional replication technologies do not. For example, in a single solution it offers both local and remote replication, and remote replication can be either synchronous or a-synchronous. Remote replication can also dynamically switch between synchronous and a-synchronous modes based on the change rate and available bandwidth.

In addition to those impressive features, RecoverPoint provides more granular restore functionality than traditional array based replication through the use of its journal. The best comparison for this would be your DVR. DVR allows you to rewind to literally any point of the show you recorded. This is what RecoverPoint brings to your Data Center. As opposed to traditional replication methods which would be like only being able to chose chapters on a DVD for example. 

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Offering RecoverPoint in a virtual appliance offers cost savings in a few ways. First, you will no longer need to purchase separate dedicated hardware just for RecoverPoint. This also delivers longer term cost savings through reduced power, cooling, and rackspace consumption. In addition, up until now the only connectivity option to storage for the RPA’s was FC. The vRPA’s today only support iSCSI and will replicate over IP, once again offering a lower entry point in terms of cost and reduced complexity to companies. Finally, in my opinion one of the best parts of the virtual edition is that the licensing for the vRPA is now included in the Remote Protection Suite for the VNX.

With this announcement EMC continues to demonstrate their focus on integrating virtualization technologies into their platforms, as well as their commitment to bring enterprise class functionality to the masses. 

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