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Creating vCloud Networking and Security Edge Gateway error - VSM response (10105)

Earlier today, I went into vCloud Director to add a new Organization Network, only to find both my vCloud Networking and Security (vCNS) Edge Gateways had failed. I went to redeploy, but ended up getting this error -

vcloud activity dask detail error resized 600

Upon searching for a solution, I found the following thread on VMware’s communities site -

The advice in the above thread worked for me, so here it is:

  1. Restart the VirtualCenter Server service on your vCenter Server

restart virtualcenter server resized 600

2. Restart the vShield Manager virtual appliance.

restart vshieldmanager resized 600

3. Log in to the vShield Manager web UI.

vshield manager webUI resized 600

4. Click Settings & Reports

settings reports vshield manager resized 600

5. Click Edit to the right of vCenter Server

edit vcenter servcer resized 600


6. Re-enter the vCenter Server admin password and click OK.

vcenter server login resized 600

Now, you’ll need to redeploy or create a new vCNS Edge Gateway. To redeploy:

1. Click Edge Gateways under Cloud Resources. Right click your Edge Gateway, then click Re-Deploy.

redeploy edge gateway resized 600

To create a new vCNS Edge Gateway:

1. Click Organizations, then select the Organization to which the Edge Gateway will be added. Click the Organization name to open the Organization administration screen.

vmware vcloud director organizations resized 600

2. Click Administration.

vmware vcloud director administration resized 600

3. Select the Organization vDC, then click the link.

vmware vcloud director vDC resized 600

4. Click Edge Gateways under the Organization vDC

vmware vcloud director edge gateways resized 600

5. Click the green plus to add a new Edge Gateway.

vmware vcloud director add new edge gateway resized 6006.

6. Select settings appropriate for your deployment (High Availability, Compact vs. Full, etc.) and click Next. Note that if you choose to Configure IP Settings manually, Sub-Allocate IP Pools, or Configure Rate Limits, more will be required than in this guide.

edge gateway settings resized 600

7. Add any external networks to the Edge Gateway. Click Next when finished.

add external networks edge gateway resized 600


add external networks edge gateway next resized 600

8. Name your Edge Gateway, click Next.

name edge gateway resized 600

9. Click Finish.

name edge gateway finish resized 600



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