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VMworld: The Smartest Guys in the Room (vCloud, not Enron)

Posted by Imran Ahmed on Wed, Sep 01, 2010 @ 11:25 AM

So the last couple of days have been fairly interesting here at VMworld. As expected, the much anticipated announcement of vCloud Director (formerly Project Redwood or the vCloud Service Director) was made at this morning's general session. From the sessions that we've attended, a couple of things are very clear:

  1. Everyone, and I mean everyone, at the relevant sessions knew what vCD was.

  2. Being in San Francisco, a strong hold of the iPhone and all things apple, the following phrase was surprisingly applicable to what the vCloud folks are doing: This Changes Everything.

And it does.

vCD is one of those products as revolutionary as the first version of VMware over a decade ago. It introduces a layer of abstraction that almost makes the datacenter completely irrelevant when talking about datacenters.

Clearpath Hosting was a part of a private Beta program of the vCD from mid-April until when the GA announcement was made this morning. In this time, we've been able to (while foaming at the mouth) get our hands on the infamous Project Redwood as well as the brains behind it development. That experience is something I'll cover in another post, as it isn't really what I meant to get into tonight. I will say that our experience with the beta product was exceptional, and generally better than most beta products that I've tested in my 15 years in IT.

In that way, folks like Vishal Kumar (Product Manager for vCloud) spoon fed the rest of us all of the work that was put into building the product - all within a few short weeks (complete with homework assignments!)

In coming to VMworld 2010, the opportunity to spend some time talking the vCloud folks was time well spent. As my colleagues and I navigated through the various sessions held in the first couple of days, one thing became quite clear. vCloud is an offering behind which VMware, as a company, has put its best and brightest. The release of this product is one of the most deliberate and disciplined orchestrations that I've witnessed. Everything from the integration with Vblock, release of the vCloud API/SDK, and relevance of vCloud throughout topics like network security, multi-tenancy, self-service, open standards, and chargeback were thoroughly discussed by folks from the vCloud group with consistent messaging.

With this morning's GA announcement came much fanfare and new interest in vCloud and vCloud Director. The folks behind this release really did come off as being the smartest guys in a room full of around 17,000+ attendees. At Clearpath, our next step will really be to transform the Clearpath Cloud as we know it today into the model laid out by these "smart guys."

Over the next several weeks, expect to see a real transformation at Clearpath Hosting; not only in how our services are presented back to you, but also in the new offerings that we'll be able to develop on top of this new platform. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have definitely drank the Kool-Aid, and I feel completely comfortable in declaring that the vCloud concepts put forward by VMware will again be a blueprint for taking virtualization into the future.

Learn more about vCloud Director here:

Learn more about Clearpath Hosting:

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