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Clearpath Opens Offices in Boston and Atlanta

Posted by Nate Reynolds on Wed, Jun 27, 2012 @ 10:00 AM

For the past six years, Clearpath has served the DC and Baltimore metropolitan areas, delivering infrastructure solutions focused on virtualization, data protection and other data center infrastructure technologies.  In 2008 we formalized our virtualization practice and helped many of our clients convert legacy applications from physical to virtual, enabling the first step on the way to the cloud.

That same year, we also launched Clearpath Hosting – a managed service provider that uses the same advanced virtualization techniques that we’ve employed with our clients for some time.  We operate a public cloud infrastructure as well as a number of private cloud infrastructures for our clients.  We provide managed disaster recovery services and backup systems for even more companies.  In addition to rock-solid infrastructure, we have a managed services team that exceeds the capabilities of much larger competitors through sheer competency.  These guys do a great job behind the scenes.  They are the unsung heroes of Clearpath.  Our clients are often unaware of their existence - they do their job THAT well!

Clearpath Boston - Prudential Tower  
Clearpath's Boston Office, Prudential Tower
800 Boylston Street 16th Floor
Boston MA 02

In 2012 we formalized our IP networking practice specializing in advanced data center networking.  As virtualization has become more pervasive in the data center, we’re starting to see the beginning of network virtualization take hold; Clearpath is at the forefront of that movement through advanced architectures on the Cisco Nexus platform.  This doesn’t just mean that we can sell high end Nexus switching to replace your old Catalyst platforms.  It means that we GET it.  We understand how the deployment of the newer technology should change your data center, reduce your cost, and streamline the operation.  We’re seeing some of the company’s highest growth in this area.

And finally, the folks you don’t meet often.  Accounting and Finance, Human Resources, Professional Services Management, our CTO, and a variety of others.  We’ve worked on honing this group and its processes for the last few years with our eyes on geographic expansion.  We wanted to create a working model that scaled our company and kept experiences consistent.  We believe that we’ve achieved this paradigm and are intent on scaling it to places being served by mediocrity and worthy competitors alike.

Clearpath Gronkowski Meet & Greet

As a result, I’m pleased to announce that we are investing in the New England and Southeast US by opening our first offices in Boston and Atlanta this summer.  We believe that we have a great mix of capability, expertise, and services to offer our new clients and partners.

Our first kickoff event is in Boston on July 18th.  Hope to see you there!

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