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Windows 10, Office 365, and Adopting the Digital Workspace: VMware Workspace™ ONE™

Posted by Clearpath Solutions Group on Tue, Jan 30, 2018 @ 09:43 AM

1000px-Vmware.svg.pngOne of the biggest initiatives CIOs everywhere are talking about is enabling the digital workspace.  While this may mean many different things, depending on who you talk to—a few common threads usually join all definitions:  mobility, application/platform modernization, and secure access. Let’s look at those three specific areas and how you might tackle them with a single platform solution, in order to effectively deliver the digital workspace to your business.

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There’s no doubt the BYOD revolution is underway.  By some accounts—nearly 40% of all U.S. consumers who work for large enterprises use a personal device daily for work.1  That number will probably continue to rise as workers put more and more pressure on IT to bring their own devices.  In fact, 78% believe that using a single mobile device for data access helps them to balance their lives.2  The days of carrying around two cell phones (one for work and one for personal) are dwindling fast.

But what does this mean for IT?  Basically, IT needs a unified endpoint management (UEM) solution that allows for liberal use of personal devices while still maintaining the security and compliance of the business.  Easier said than done, of course.  However, one approach is to both minimally manage the device itself, yet control access through application virtualization and access control from a common framework.  Luckily—VMware excels at all three with Workspace ONE.


Workspace™ ONE™ is built on the VMware AirWatch® Unified Endpoint ManagementTM technology, and integrates with virtual application delivery (VMware Horizon®) on a common identity framework. With Workspace ONE, organizations can now evolve siloed cloud and mobile investments, enabling all employees, devices, and things across the organization to accelerate their digital transformation journey with a platform-based approach.

Application and Platform Modernization

A serious challenge facing CIOs is how to modernize and update their workers to the latest applications and platforms.  This is particularly true with Windows 10.  Many enterprises are looking to deploy Windows 10 —but are faced with the daunting task of managing such a transformation.  Luckily—taking a digital workspace approach powered by Workspace ONE can simplify and accelerate this process.  Using Workspace ONE can:

  • Modernize Windows 10 Management
    Enable simple and secure user onboarding of Windows 10 endpoints with out-of-box enrollment (OOBE) using cloud-based device and app lifecycle management.
  • Deliver easy access to corporate applications
    Most existing applications are built for Windows. Traditional app delivery requires specific browsers, versions, and other nuances that complicate app deployment and management. But today’s digital workspace requires applications to be portable across device types, locations, and ownership models.


With a digital workspace, organizations can virtualize Windows apps or entire desktops, and automatically provision them to the cloud or to on-premises infrastructure.  Users can access these highly available virtual apps or desktops across any device or network at any time through a common catalog.

Access Control with Authentication Flow

The problem with an increasingly mobile workforce is how to grant secure access to applications and resources.  One of the most adopted digital workspace applications today is Office 365.  When adopting Office 365, there is a need to provide a secure solution for end-users that enables secure access, while providing customized security policies based on the type of access device.  But is there a way to easily control who has access to it and under what conditions they can access it—especially when dealing with mobile devices?  Luckily, Workspace ONE can help! Workspace ONE can deliver:

  • One-touch single sign-on (SSO) from mobile devices
  • Block access from unmanaged devices and non- compliant managed devices.
  • Office 365 application access control
  • Secure content collaboration

When Office 365 receives a request for authentication, it will send that request to Identity Manager (part of Workspace ONE).  Identity Manager will then enforce different single sign-on (SSO) authentication policies based on the type of device and the compliance state of the device.  Once authentication is successful, the SAML assertion will be sent back to Office 365.


Why not engage with Clearpath Solutions Group today to discuss how VMware Workspace ONE and AirWatch can deliver a UEM solution that accelerates your secure adoption of Office 365, helps you to easily migrate to Windows 10, and prepares you for the digital workspace?  We can help!




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