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Hyper-converged Infrastructure Benefits with Dell EMC VxRack FLEX

Posted by Clearpath Solutions Group on Tue, Nov 14, 2017 @ 10:00 AM

IT teams face plenty of challenges daily, and with the ever-changing technology landscape, it can be difficult to keep up. Enterprises are embracing hyper-converged infrastructures as a way to modernize the data center, automate service delivery and transform IT operations. 

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As organizations continue to look for ways to deliver a cloud-like experience on-premises, hyper-converged offerings are exceeding expectations. The Dell EMC VxRack System FLEX is a rack-scale hyper-converged system that delivers maximum scalability and business agility, enabling companies to scale their data center growth in flexible, discrete increments.

Networking is a critical component of a hyper-converged solution, and while many other offerings disregard its importance, VxRack FLEX leverages both physical and virtual networking capabilities.  Top of rack switches are integrated in to the solution to handle network traffic and provide management and redundancy. For storage, Dell EMC utilizes ScaleIO technology within VxRack FLEX.  ScaleIO is software-defined storage which leverages host-based internal storage to create a scalable server SAN with performance comparable to or better than an external, dedicated SAN.


With ScaleIO, organizations can gain greater flexibility, performance, and scalability while leveraging simplified management capabilities.

Benefits of Dell EMC VxRack FLEX

Agility: The VxRack FLEX infrastructure can be deployed quickly for six times faster time-to-value. Avoid application and operational silos, and rapidly respond to changing business requirements.

Integrated Network: VxRack FLEX is capable of supporting multiple hypervisors, OS and media, and leverages a Cisco rack-scale spine-and-leaf network fabric. This distinct advantage delivers continued application performance at enterprise-scale, with no latency or bogging down due to network overhead.


Simplicity: VxRack FLEX is engineered, manufactured, managed, supported and sustained as one system by Dell EMC.

Flexibility: VxRack FLEX creates a flexible foundation for delivering IaaS at scale that can support a wide range of block storage use cases. It also allows you to design and implement software-defined data centers based on your applications, budget and growth demands.

Designed for deployments with large numbers of virtual machines and users, the VxRack System with FLEX is an integrated system incorporating a full IT stack comprised of server, networking, storage, virtualization, and management components—pre-configured, pre-loaded, and pre-tested. VxRack FLEX, which runs Dell EMC ScaleIO software-defined storage, delivers the highest level of value.

As a Dell EMC Signature Partner, Clearpath delivers a high degree of value to our customers through an accredited team of sales representatives, solutions architects and implementation professionals. Read more about our Dell EMC reseller and professional services here.

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