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Protect Where Your Data Lives: EMC Data Domain Cloud Tier

Posted by Clearpath Solutions Group on Tue, Feb 13, 2018 @ 10:46 AM

No matter where it lives, data needs to be protected, and as the data protection landscape continues to evolve, the amount and variations of data that need to be protected is evolving as well. With these changes, companies cannot afford to secure sensitive information as previously done in the past. Today’s businesses are faced with explosive data growth, strict retention policies and the pressure to reduce costs. Low-cost, high-capacity object storage in the public, private and hybrid cloud is the way to address these challenges.

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Dell EMC Data Domain deduplication storage systems can solve many of the challenges that companies experience with traditional backup, archive, recovery and replication processes.  Combining high-speed, variable-length deduplication with local compression, Data Domain systems write only unique data to disk.  Deduplication technology reduces disk capacity requirements and overhead, while increasing accessibility and reliability, and makes Data Domain systems a cost-effective alternative to tape.


Data Domain systems transfer only deduplicated and compressed data across your IP network, requiring a fraction of the bandwidth, time and cost associated with traditional replication methods.  In addition, Data Domain systems make use of technologies that offer advanced data verification and integrity, and leverage CPU advancements to add direct benefit to system throughput and scalability.

The Industry’s Most Scalable, Reliable and Cloud-Enabled Protection Storage

Data Domain Cloud Tier (DD Cloud Tier) delivers unparalleled efficiency for tiering protection storage to the cloud. DD Cloud Tier is the only protection storage that natively tiers de-duplicated data to the cloud, without the need for a separate cloud gateway or virtual appliance, so you don’t have to worry about an additional physical footprint or management overhead. It also provides best-of-breed technology that’ll allow you to gain the advantages of cloud and lower your overall total cost of ownership (TCO).

The highlights of DD Cloud Tier are:

  • Flexible Cloud Protection: supports a broad ecosystem of backup applications and moves data to a variety of public and private clouds including EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS)
  • High-Speed, Variable-Length Deduplication — the most efficient and economic method of deduplication, it significantly reduces the raw disk capacity needed in the system since only deduplicated data is written to disk.
  • Fast Time to Disaster Recovery Readiness — as part of the inline deduplication process, the system does not need to wait to ingest the entire data set before it can begin replicating to the remote site. Data is available for recovery at a DR site faster than with other deduplication products or by physically transporting tapes on trucks.
  • Multi-site, Cost-Efficient Disaster Recovery — delivers up to 99% bandwidth reduction, provides flexible replication topologies, multi-site tape consolidation and replication from up to 540 remote sites.
  • Ultra-safe Storage for Reliable Recovery — Data Domain Data Invulnerability Architecture provides continuous recovery verification, fault detection and healing plus dual-disk parity RAID-6.
  • Operational Simplicity — Lowers administrative costs, provides power, cooling and space efficiencies for environmentally friendly operations, reduces hardware footprints and supports any combination of backup and archive applications in a single system.


Additionally, DD Cloud Tier allows you to tailor the solution to best fit your business’ needs. With a broad ecosystem and flexible deployment options, DD Cloud Tier can work in conjunction with any backup application in the Data Domain ecosystem and supports an array of clouds.

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