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Introducing Cisco Cloud Native Broadband Router - The Software-defined Future Isn’t Just for the Enterprise

Posted by Clearpath Solutions Group on Tue, Jul 10, 2018 @ 10:12 AM

The software-defined networking revolution is underway, and while many enterprise IT departments are considering SD-WAN and SD-Access to help solve their networking bandwidth and provisioning issues, the same evolution is going at communications and Internet service providers too. This is great for both the service provider and their customers because a software-defined networking approach allows for better, faster, and more consistent delivery of communications services for everyone.  It really is a win-win situation.

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CSPs, ISPs, and cable operators run notoriously hardware-based businesses though, so software-defined may be undiscovered territory for many.  That’s not surprising because they own and operate the physical “pipes” and services of communications—whether that be telecommunications, cable, or Internet.  Many service provider networks are cable-based and cable networks are undergoing major transformations: migrating from analog to digital systems, adding capacity and scale, and deploying new and improved services to meet the increasing needs of their customers.

Transformation of the cable system can start in many places and the cable headend—the master facility for receiving signals and then processing and distributing it over the cable system—is a good place to start. Replacing analog systems with digital services such as Remote PHY and Converged Interconnect Network (CIN) routers and switches can mean cable services reliant on headend hardware can break free of physical, hardware-based solutions.  This means virtualizing traditionally hardware-based Converged Cable Access Platform (CCAP) services is now possible—and Cisco is leading the way with their recently announced Cloud Native Broadband Router.


The Cisco Cloud Native Broadband Router is a fundamental rewrite of the CCAP, virtualizing the once hardware-based services with a truly cloud-native design.  This offers unprecedented service velocity, highly simplified operations, and the economic scalability needed in today’s competitive communications and cable market.  Service providers looking for increased scalability, elasticity, and resilience should take note because Cisco is changing the game here.  This isn’t simply lifting existing code from legacy hardware and placing it in the cloud as a virtual machine.  Cisco did a full software rewrite for CCAP-enabled services so they are cloud native—all built as a composable set of microservices that utilize standard tools such as Kubernetes for container orchestration and Docker for creating, deploying, and running containerized applications.

This approach means the Cisco Cloud Native Broadband Router enjoys:

  • Cloud Native Services
    Composable, elastic and resilient network services that optimize resource utilization and increase service velocity for better customer experiences.
  • Containerized Microservices Architecturecisco_cloud_native_broadband_router-1
    Open standards-based, modular software allows for rapid and agile feature development and deployment, perfect for today’s demand-driven communications industry.
  • Automation and Analytics
    Transformative network operations through real-time monitoring, analysis, and remediation means better customer service experiences and reduced IT workload.
  • Hardware Agnostic Deployment
    Written for the cloud as software independent of hardware, the Cisco Cloud Native Broadband Router is compatible with bare metal machines and designed to be portable across multi-cloud environments.

If you are a communications service provider using cable headends and looking to update and transform your business to be more competitive, responsive, and cost-effective—you need to join the software-defined future.  Your enterprise customers will be doing transformative intent-based networking and demand that their cable operators deliver the services to match their digital transformation initiatives.  And both your consumer-level  and business-level customers will enjoy you deploying new services faster while delivering more stable, elastic, and reliable connections.  Break free from traditional hardware scaling issues and embrace the software-defined networking revolution!  Clearpath can help you explore, design, and implement a Cisco Cloud Native Broadband Router solution and help move you into a virtualized, cloud-native solution perfect for today and ready for tomorrow.

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