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DR in the SDDC, Part 2: Hotlink Disaster Recovery Express


Last time, in Part 1 of this series, we kicked off our list of software defined datacenter (SDDC) disaster recovery solutions with Veeam. Next on our list is HotLink DR Express which provides backup and replication plus the cool added benefit of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (DR/BC) utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

DR in the SDDC, Part 1: Veeam Backup and Replication


Most backup tools were built for the physical world and simply retrofitted for virtualization. Their roots are in the physical world, which results in complications in today’s virtual world. Veeam Backup and Replication was designed and built specifically for the virtualized datacenter. Veeam has a long list of great features for backup and recovery, such as:

Disaster Recovery in the Software Defined Datacenter Blog Series


The modern datacenter is undergoing an unprecedented transformation in the way IT is managed and delivered. Fueled by rapidly evolving business and operational considerations, today's IT executives and administrators are under an increasing amount of pressure to respond to a new set of requirements. Research from Forester shows that the average organization is 50% virtualized and that it will increase by 75% in the next 2 years. Taking it a step further, continued advancements in virtualization are driving companies to adopt a virtual first strategy for most new initiatives. This fundamental transformation and growing requirements has brought a unique set of challenges for backup and recovery in today’s datacenter:

Why Wi-Fi: “But it works at home?”


In large enterprise wireless deployments, there currently are few alternatives to the Cisco Unified Wireless Network when it comes to wireless infrastructure strategy. The core requirement, to provide a stable solution in large facilities with business critical wireless functions, needs the enhanced tuning features native to these traditional deployment methodologies.  I emphasis the word currently, because there is something on the horizon and it’s (I couldn’t resist) a cloud: specifically cloud wireless.

Clearpath Update - June 2014

Industry Updates

Horizon 6 is Here!
Right in the middle of the World Cup! VMware Horizon 6 is officially shipping at 8pm PST on June 19th. With this release, IT can now deliver RDS hosted applications alongside virtual desktops through a single platform. And these desktops and applications—inclusive of packaged ThinApp, SaaS apps, RDS hosted apps and even Citrix XenApp applications—can all be accessed by end-users through a unified workspace.  Read more.

AWS add EBS Encryption for Additional Data Protection
On May 21st, AWS announced that they are providing yet another data protection option, with support for encryption of EBS data volumes and the associated snapshots. You can now encrypt data stored on an EBS volume at rest and in motion by setting a single option. Read more.

A Simple Framework for Managing Complex Clouds
Seamless Cloud team comes up with easy, fast way to reprogram network infrastructure, allow connected apps to deploy seamlessly across multiple clouds. The Seamless Cloud framework prototype is a distributed software system leveraging complex network end-to-end, including multi-AS MPLS L3 VPN network, Openstack Cloud controllers and Cisco SDN framework OnePK.
Read more.

Building Hyper Scale Storage on Commodity Platform with ECS Appliance Powered by ViPR
Enterprises and hosters’ alike are driven to the third platform with growing number of cloud based mobile and social applications. This has resulted in an explosion of data for customers from terabyte to petabyte and even exabyte in some scenarios. ECS Appliance powered by ViPR addresses these challenges for building storage geared towards the 3rd Platform. Read more.

Community Outreach Opportunity

Rehashing vCenter Server Appliance Certificates


After months of running the vSphere 5.1 appliance in my lab, I decided to install the 5.5 appliance to see just how far this little gem has come.  So, I downloaded and deployed the OVA, and moved onto initial configuration.  After the initial configuration was completed, I decided to tweak some values in the interface.  First and foremost - the DHCP configuration had to go.  Followed by setting the host FQDN, which was strangely omitted from the initial configuration.  This made running AD authentication a little difficult since AD integration requires that the appliance have an FQDN before it will accept the configuration.

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Why Wi-Fi? 802.11AC


Over time we have seen many innovations around the product offerings surrounding 802.11 technologies. Each new advance in technology requires a shift in both focus and training. Deployment methodologies constantly adjust as companies invest in enhancing their internal corporate wireless networks. 802.11ac Wave 1 is the latest rendition of the ever changing IEEE standards. 802.11ac has affectionately been deemed “Super Wi-Fi” by the general public.

Clearpath Update - May 2014


Industry Updates

Creating a MySQL Instance Using AWS RDS and Accessing it Using MySQL client


In this article, I will discuss how to create a MySQL database using AWS RDS. Once we have the instance ready, I will walk you through how you can access and use this created instance using MySQL, our workbench or any MySQL client tool.

Clearpath Update - April 2014


Industry Updates

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